May 2016 – Thank You


We actually have a few things to share with you but this post is a huge “shout out” thank you to all of YOU. Sophie has been doing great the last few months – I’ll give a more formal health update in another post.

We just wanted to really take the time to thank you for all your encouragement, prayers and support. We have been blessed by so many of you. Sophie has been given gifts of fun and necessity, our family has been showered with gift cards, donations, encouraging words, and an overwhelming sense of love from so many of you. We are humbled by your sincere humanity and caring spirit and are thankful for it all.

Financial Update and a Note to those who were Patreons:

Some of you are familiar with our Patreon Page – and were giving through there. We wanted to give you an update on our Patreon Page. Because of God’s blessings through your support, employment opportunities, and Sophie’s reduced medical procedures we have made huge strides in our financial crisis. We no longer feel we are in need, and will be soon looking for ways that we can give back to others. We have decided to turn off our Patreon Account, and are no longer accepting payments on that website.


I don’t have as much free time, as I’ve been working quite a bit. But Sophie still loves to make videos, so I imagine there will be some of those from time to time. We will post them on this youtube channel that you can follow here:

This Blog:

Sophie will never really be done with her medical journey, as her issues will need a lifetime of observation and maintenance. I will continue to post here as things pop up. But in our world, no news is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!

It’s been a long 6 year road so far, and we have appreciated all of you walking  beside us as we’ve navigated through this crazy terrain. Again thank you so much!!!

~ by Jenny Bagwill on May 26, 2016.

One Response to “May 2016 – Thank You”

  1. I am so glad that she is doing so much better. God has helped you through the rough time and he is standing right by you side to see her through the the future. God bless your family.

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