January 2016 – Surgery Friday

As most of you now know, Sophie was admitted to St Louis Children’s Hospital on Tuesday for IV fluids and monitoring as she has been fighting a stomach bug. She’s doing much better and is trading her lethargic state for activities such as  coloring, asking questions (“how did plants get on the earth?”), and randomly reminding us about how much she loves Mac N Cheese. 

Since things seem to be progressing, her liver team came together with a plan to take one last look at her “man-made” biliary tract. On Friday morning, Sophie will go under  anesthesia  (for the 40th time), her surgeon will inject dye into her bile pathway and monitor its flow. This will give us the final word on whether there has been any narrowing or signs of potential collapsing since removing her biliary stent tube in November. If he sees areas of concern, he will perform balloon dilation to those places and then her biliary stent tube will go back in (and we’ll try not to be disappointed). If things look good (and her labs have given us reason to hope things are good), then the “guidewire” they left in her for their emergency re-entry will be removed. 

This will mean that for the first time in 5 years Sophie will be tube/wire free! 

Please keep this situation in your thoughts and prayers – we are turning a huge corner in the quality of life and activities Sophie will be able to pursue. 

~ by Jenny Bagwill on January 7, 2016.

7 Responses to “January 2016 – Surgery Friday”

  1. Sophie is & will continue to be in our prayers!!! We hope the outcome will be WIRE-FREE!!!
    It sure looks good to see her up, coloring & smiling smile again 😉 Lee

  2. Sophie my prayers are with you. I hope every thing turns out good for you so you will be wire free. I can’t get over of how big you are getting. You look so much like your mother when she was little. God is right beside you.

  3. Jenny, that is fabulous news. Is she finished with the procedure? Thank you for the blog and continue to update all of us. You and Sophie are true inspirations! What kind of mac and cheese does she like by the way? My daughter Brianna only likes the Kraft Mac and cheese. I made her some delicious homemade mac and cheese with real cheese and all types of deliciousness… She hated it.

    • Sounds like Brianna and Sophie have similar tastes. Isn’t it funny when they get hooked on something so much they don’t care for a version that has been modified to be even better. Haha!

  4. Oh Jenny, I pray for you guys every day. So hope this will be the good news everyone is hoping for!

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