January 2016 – Starting the Year off with a Bang!


Since November, Sophie has been having chronic tummy troubles. The liver team has been keeping a close eye on things to make sure it’s not related to her bile pathway potentially collapsing. Lab numbers, and symptoms are showing us that the pathway seems to be ok, and she has been dealing with a tough stomach bug (possibly more than one, since this has lasted so long).

However, Sophie’s tummy problems have progressed recently causing her to be lethargic and refusing to eat. Our family and the liver team have found it in her best interest to be admitted to St Louis Children’s Hospital for IV fluids and observation. We’ll be here until Friday.

~ by Jenny Bagwill on January 7, 2016.

8 Responses to “January 2016 – Starting the Year off with a Bang!”

  1. Jenny & Bryce
    We are hoping and praying that Sophie’s stomach problems will soon be cleared up by her hospital care and IVs; she remains in our thoughts and prayers with Love… Cuz, Judy & Pete

  2. Prayers, kiddo

  3. Thanks for the post. Will be praying for our precious Sophie.

  4. Hi jenny…I just want you to know that you and Sophie will be thought about continually…what an amazing mom and little girl…please keep us updated…

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