March 2013 – Biopsy Results…Well kinda

Sophie smile

So it’s been a while since the biopsy and it’s taken almost this long for the team to come to a conclusion. The conclusion IS  – confusion. Basically, they’ve decided there was not enough data to tell what’s happening in her liver. The biopsy tissue was taken close to her stent tube. It’s clear her body is slightly angry with her stent tube at the moment, so that may have provided false information. The team has decided that we will continue as ‘normal’. I will take her early April for routine labs. They will closely monitor the liver numbers. If they are still elevated at the next scheduled stent change, they will redo the biopsy in a different location for a more accurate reading. So until then, we’ve all decided she’s not experiencing liver rejection (her labs this week showed her numbers beginning to trend back down). Thank you Jesus!  🙂

Regardless of what the numbers say, we’re just happy that she looks and acts this healthy.

Reading Sophie Green

~ by Jenny Bagwill on March 16, 2013.

4 Responses to “March 2013 – Biopsy Results…Well kinda”

  1. I’m so glad it’s good news!!!! No rejection = major good news!!

    Thank you for visiting Chloé’s blog.

  2. Sophie looks so healthy & happy!! These are great pictures!! We will continue to pray all future news is good … thanks for the update!!

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