January 2013 – Surgery

WS with nurse Close up with nurse

We can’t thank you enough for the out-pouring of prayers, encouragement, and well wishes that we’ve received. We truly felt it as this was Sophie’s best surgery to date. The cardiology surgeon was able to put a wire mesh stent in a narrow artery in Lil’Sophie’s lung and increase the flow drastically.  He also gave us the best news which is that her replaced valve seems to be doing ok and he doesn’t see a need for her to have these repeat surgeries. So she may be in the clear for her heart/lungs for a while.

The bile duct surgeon did not have the same exciting news, however that part of the surgery went smoothly. She now has a fresh new drain tube in her bile duct. We’ll have some labs in the upcoming weeks to see if her liver numbers have returned to a more normal level. And we’ll also stay on the 3 month, bile-duct-tube-change, schedule for ‘years’ ahead – but this has finally become a minor surgery for her.

Sophie cried very little as she came out of sedation. They kept us overnight for observation and she spent the entire night singing convoluted songs to herself – something about: spiderman, potty time, mommy, daddy, mac & cheese, and baby. All music to my ears!!

~ by Jenny Bagwill on January 24, 2013.

8 Responses to “January 2013 – Surgery”

  1. So happy that her surgeries went so well.Hoping you get great lab for her liver too.

  2. Oh Jenny I am so glad. Sophie is still in my prayers every night, and I am hopeful she will get to attain my age. Sending hugs to you. (I am Chuck’s cousin)

  3. Thinking of you always… Jerry Fochtmann

  4. Jenny, glad to hear that the surgery went well! Wishing Sophie a speedy recovery and more good news.

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