January 2013 – Happy Birthday!!

We had a great Christmas and New Year filled with lots of fun with family. On January 20th Lil’Sophie turned 3 years old!!  It’s hard to believe!

Turning a year older is bringing lots of changes for her. She no longer qualifies for her in-home therapy visits that she was getting 4 times a week. So we had to say good-bye to some fantastic people who have been a part of our lives over the last 2 years.  Sophie will now be going to an early special education pre-school 2 half days a week. She will start attending in a couple of weeks and is ecstatic.

It’s also time for our 3 month ‘routine’ surgeries. Tomorrow Sophie will go for a cardiac cath where they will dilate some arteries in her small lung.  She will also have the tube in her bile duct changed out for a fresh new one. We are hoping she bounces back quickly so she can start her new school routine.

Over-all Sophie is doing fantastic. Many of the nurses have been brought to tears as they see her current progress. What a change in Sophie as they remember taking care of her in her fragile state.  She’s such a little miracle!!!

~ by Jenny Bagwill on January 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “January 2013 – Happy Birthday!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Sophie!!! What a treasure you are!!! Love all the pictures, and also loved all the updates from Disneyworld. 🙂 Happy Birthday!!!

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