December 2012 – Make A Wish – What day is this??

Give Kids the World is an amazing place. Each day a surprise gift awaits your child upon returning to your villa. Sophie’s received 2 board games, a puzzle, a gift bag FULL of small toys, and several plush animals that she sleeps with each night. I’m not sure if we’ll get her new treasures on the plane.

The village also presents every child with a shiny gold star. They write their name, and place it in a ‘magical’ box. The star fairy collects the stars each night and puts them on the ceiling of the ‘Castle of Dreams’. The next day (or any day in the future) you can return to be directed to your stars’ location. They never remove the stars and many Alumni come back to see their star years later.

GKTW also lets each child make their own special pillow to take home. We opted to receive a preassembled pillow, as chances are, we would still be there waiting for Sophie to finish. She usually is distracted by the twinkle-lighted slide and has more fun as the staff cheers for her while she plays.

After a morning of stars and pillows we made our way to Universal, where we were treated like stars ourselves. Part of our Make A Wish package included VIP access to ALL the parks. Universal takes this very seriously!  With a flash of the badge they kept calling for escorts to whisk us away down back hallways, through employee doors, shuffling us to the front of the line of every ride. We even had the choice of selecting our seating on rides. Universal has ‘parent swap’ areas allowing us to take turns on the thrill rides while waiting with Sophie. We may need a chiropractor visit when we return.

Sophie had a great time too. At the “Despicable Me” show, the Minion characters were available for a quick photo op. Unfortunately, we had missed our window of opportunity. As we were walking away one of the staff saw Bryce was wearing a VIP badge. She called us back and told us to wait. At the time we weren’t sure what was happening. Once they finished removing the people they brought the Minion characters back out for Sophie’s own private photo time with them. They were amazing to us!

I think Sophie’s favorite was Whoville, where she met some Whos, had a pic with the Grinch, rode the Who train, and Dr Suess ride (multiple times).  We ended the evening with a nice dinner on the Universal City Walk where a random stranger gave Sophie his balloon hat – another unbelievable day!!!

~ by Jenny Bagwill on December 13, 2012.

One Response to “December 2012 – Make A Wish – What day is this??”

  1. My favorite pictures of her are the glasses and the balloon hat….that is quite a hat. What fun!

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