December 2012 – I’m READY!!

My new friend, Kaitlin!

My new friend, Kaitlin!

We had a couple of visitors this week. Kaitlin – our new friend from Valued Pharmacy Services and Megan from Make A Wish stopped by on Tuesday evening to shower Lil’Sophie in princess gifts. We couldn’t believe all that they blessed her with – water bottles, slippers, hat, scarf, plush Nemo & Dory, pajamas, shirt, and sweatshirt . What a fantastic surprise! They also gave Sophie a princess suitcase which she’s been rolling around the house each day.

present pile

Opening Gifts Hugs from VPS S and the suitcase

As Sophie has told us several times, she’s ‘ready’.  I’m not even sure she knows what she’s ready for, but she can tell it’s something exciting.  Thank you so much Valued Pharmacy Services & Make A Wish!  This is going to be an amazing time.

Big Smiles Can't wait!


~ by Jenny Bagwill on December 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “December 2012 – I’m READY!!”

  1. I’m SO excited for you guys. She has grown so much. I know you’re going to have such a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the pictures. When do you go?

  2. AAwww…… She looks adorable. I am so happy for you guys.You deserve it.Have a ton of fun.

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