November 2012 – Hearts Are Full of Gratitude

Uh snake? No thank you.

During this season of Thanksgiving we are counting our blessings.

We’ve settled into our new surroundings but not without a few trips to Lowe’s. As you can see in one of the pics below Lil’Sophie is quite the helper. We needed to buy a garbage can which she insisted pulling through the store and all the way out to the parking lot. It was silly to witness and entertained the onlookers. Once again, I found myself holding back the tears of a thankful heart, knowing there was a time that the thought of this would be merely a far-fetched dream.

As Thanksgiving day presents a time when most families often think about gratitude, we were no different. Lil’Sophie was sick with a common cold – but for the first time since birth we successfully avoided a hospital stay despite her fever. What a great relief to be finally dealing with normal kiddo issues!

Sophie has suddenly had a HUGE burst in developmental growth. Between the 4 therapists that work with her each week, the move to a new house with places to explore, and being relatively healthy, her improvements have been astronomical. She’s started to have more understandable phrases and has taken up singing. Her favorite – Wheels on the Bus – best performed under a blanket fort as she drives said bus.

And FINALLY – A HUGE SURPRISE!!  (Yes, I used all caps on this one!)

Sophie has been given an opportunity to have a wish. A local business, Valued Pharmacy Services is sponsoring Lil’Sophie through Make A Wish and giving her a trip to Disney World. We are over the moon!

Make A Wish presented us a packet with everything needed for our upcoming trip. Sophie seems a bit confused as she has no frame of reference for what it means to go to Disney World. That evening we sat her down to watch a DVD that MAW had left for us. Sophie began to squeal with excitement as her brain was processing the imagery of children in the Magic Kingdom. In between small screams, she was grinning from ear to ear. She told us several times that evening “I’m ready!!  I’m ready!!”

Can you imagine her heartbreak as we put her to bed?   Soon, girlie soon…   Needless to say, we are so thankful! Talk about a far fetched dream!  I can’t wait to send updates with photos of her running the paths of the happiest place on earth!

~ by Jenny Bagwill on November 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “November 2012 – Hearts Are Full of Gratitude”

  1. How wonderful for all of you!! You truly have a miracle baby girl!! And Tessa is so beautiful, I can’t believe how fast our kids have grown up. A couple days for me, and two weeks for you, and we both will have 15 year olds! Hope the Christmas spirit blesses you all this year!

  2. What a blessing!!! Isn’t God wonderful? You have such a beautiful little girl and you are the BEST parents she could ever want!! Blessings to you all.

  3. This is just wonderful news!! I would love to meet Miss Sophie someday!! She is soooooo precious. Thanks for keeping us posted!

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