October – 2012 Fall and Halloween

The Girls Together!

October has been an amazing month for us as we’ve settled into our new place.  Big sister was back from school for fall break and Sophie loved every minute of it. We heard many giggles and screams of delight as those 2 played together. It’s such a blessing when our whole family can be together.

On a fun fall night, we spent it picking pumpkins, decorating them, had a fire, and so of course we had to introduce Lil’S to smores! After she saw us make the first one she grabbed a stick and marshmallow with full intent on making her own.

We celebrated Halloween by going to about 4 houses in our new neighborhood. For the first time, I heard Sophie say “Thank You” loudly and unprompted. It’s these simple moments when it really strikes a chord in your heart as you remember how far this miracle child has come.

~ by Jenny Bagwill on October 31, 2012.

4 Responses to “October – 2012 Fall and Halloween”

  1. Wow she has really grown up. What a sweetie.

  2. I’m so happy Sophie is doing so well. She is still in my prayers every night.

    • Thanks so much June. She still has a long way to go even though she’s doing fantastic. We have maintenance surgery ever 3 months. Now that she’s getting older, it’s getting even harder as she can express her pain and fear.

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