June 2012 – Kidneys & Leaks

Lil’ Sophiefly

Lil’ Sophie has been on adventures to the park, butterfly garden, mall, and of course our favorite place – the hospital. Wednesday of this week, she underwent a kidney function test. This is a routine procedure as she’s passed her 1 yr post transplant milestone. The test involves a needle stick to insert a tracer liquid and an IV in her arm to draw blood at several intervals throughout the day. She also had a routine liver check up with the team. One area of concern is that Sophie’s stent tube (that was to last until mid July), has developed a slight blockage. It’s causing one of her bile duct stent sites to leak a little bit and Sophie has shown signs of discomfort.

Time for a Kidney Check

Results are in:

Sophie’s kidney’s are functioning normally!  We are so happy to hear good news.

The stent blockage is not of great concern for the team, but we all decided that it might be best to do a stent change now rather than wait until July. So the target date that is being looked at is next Wednesday for another stent change surgery. Bryce and I are hoping that getting the procedure done next week will allow us more family time as Big Sister is arriving later this month to spend a few weeks with us this summer. We’re praying for a smooth stent change, quick recovery, and an enjoyable summer together!

Sophie, Sunshine, & Swinging = A Perfect Day



Shhh… Don’t tell mom I’m playing in the sink!



~ by Jenny Bagwill on June 1, 2012.

5 Responses to “June 2012 – Kidneys & Leaks”

  1. What wonderful news about her kidneys.Praying for a smooth stent change surgery and recovery.

  2. wow….i remember when you thought it would take forever for Sophie’s first tooth….now she has a whole mouth full! Keep those blogs coming….I love them….and the pictures…..they tell it all…..love ya’ll….Auntie Linda

  3. Yes!! Glad to hear that her kidneys are doing great. Look at that big smile 😀

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