May 2012 – Seeing Spots

Spots and Cheese, please

They’re Everywhere!

And we’re still seeing them…..

All medical professionals have confirmed they believe it is a reaction to a medication she was taking. So we’ve discontinued use and have been giving her doses of Benadryl to cope with the itching and discomfort.

Waiting it out this week has proved to be challenging.  Lil’Sophie would have Benadryl in her system which would make her tired while she plays, causing her to stumble and fall on her stent tubes. This would trigger shooting pains that would erupt into a flood of tears. Mommy (or Daddy), would then try and comfort her by picking her up to cuddle. Sophie seems to be too independent to do any snuggling, so this act of affection would only make her more angry as she just wants to go play.   *** In which we would start the cycle all over again.

Prayers of patience are greatly appreciated by our house this week  😉

On a good note, the itching seems to be less this morning.  Maybe it will be a Benadryl-free day?

I’ll make my own spots.




~ by Jenny Bagwill on May 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “May 2012 – Seeing Spots”

  1. Poor thing! I hope they go away soon. Did they say how long they expect the spots to remain? I’m glad to hear she’s not as itchy. And great idea on painting her own spots 😉

    • They are slowly starting to fade. I know when I’ve had them it’s taken a couple of weeks to be rid of them completely. She’s been happy today with no Benadryl – Yay!!

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