April 2012 – 1yr Ago the Journey Began

This is what the outside of my house looks like!

Exactly 1 yr ago Lil’ Sophie was officially placed on the Organ Donor Transplant list for a new liver. This morning I went back and read about it here. It’s an awesome feeling being on the other side. Especially since her doctors were very skeptical as to how things would turn out for her. We really believe that God crossed our paths with the right people at the right time.

On May 22nd 2011, Sophie received her gift of life. Bryce and I have decided to honor her unknown donor and celebrate Sophie’s milestones at a local park. Since that date is in the middle of the week, we are discussing which weekend to host this event. Once we have the details all figured out, we’ll post an update. We would love for you to come so we can personally thank you for your prayers and support. Everyone is invited to have some cake, watch some balloons be released in honor of her donor, and enjoy the park together. We would LOVE to have you if your schedule allows. So be thinking about this as May approaches.

By the way, Sophie is still recovering from her bile duct tube. She has bouts of pain here and there that cause her to either cry or hunch herself over as she plays. We’re hoping her pain will subside permanently soon.

Patiently waiting for lunch

I got this straw thing down

~ by Jenny Bagwill on April 29, 2012.

4 Responses to “April 2012 – 1yr Ago the Journey Began”

  1. That’s a wonderful way to honor Sophie’s donor!! Wish I could join you.

  2. That definitely entails a party! So glad to hear of all the good things happening to Sophie. Every time I read your blog I’m a little mad that kids have to go through this, but am so amazed and inspired when they pull through. She will be one strong woman when she grows up!

    • Thanks. It’s hard because I rub elbows with a lot of families who have children that don’t pull through. It’s not fair. All I can really do is pray for their hurting hearts. I’ve seen a lot of suffering since our experience began, and it’s motivated me to do what I can to raise awareness for families.

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