April 2012 – And We’re Home… AGAIN!

Only children can get away with driving under the influence of pain meds.

I’m officially convinced that Sophie was simply missing her transplant team. Once we we’re admitted she got some antibiotics, pain meds, and topical ointment for her stent site. Her stent never showed any signs of infection but they wanted to be cautious, thinking it was possible we were catching it early.

With these new meds, and attention, Lil’Sophie has been pretty happy – dancing around in her crib, pushing buttons on the tv, and even playing in the hallway with the nursing staff. She slept well over night – only waking when they came in to do vitals. Today it was clear, there really was no reason to keep us any longer.

It’s hard to explain what happened and her medical team can only speculate. They believe that her skin tissue is attempting to grow around her stent tube. The tube is secured to her skin with a couple of stitches but still has the ability to flex and slide just slightly. This gentle mobility never allows the new growing skin tissue to adhere itself to the tube (and to be quite honest, we don’t want it to, as we will continue to have to change this tube out). So the growing skin tissue became an irritant to the site. It’s possible this will continue in the future so we left the hospital armed with additional pain meds, and topical cream in case we see this happen again.

We were really grateful for your thoughts and prayers during our whirl-wind stay at the hospital.

~ by Jenny Bagwill on April 26, 2012.

4 Responses to “April 2012 – And We’re Home… AGAIN!”

  1. So glad to hear she’s recovered quickly!

  2. Glad that Sophie is doing better! Reading her story just makes me realize what fighters kids (and their parents) are. You guys are amazing, and Sophie is truly one of the most courageous people out there.

    • Aww… Thanks. I’m amazed at her resilience daily. Despite what she’s been through she still wants to laugh, play, and is not afraid of people. It’s incredible.

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