April 2012 – Home Again, Home Again.

This was the worst dream ever...

Today’s stent change surgery was a success. This time, instead of going up a tube size, they just changed her current tube out for a new, clean one. We learned today, that they probably won’t go up a tube size for a while. But we’ll continue to have these procedures every 3 months or so to keep the bile canal functioning with a clean, properly draining, tube.   We were a little discouraged as the surgeon continued to use the word “years” as we discussed the long-term plan for Sophie’s bile stent. The whole experience is getting a bit harder as she’s now able to recognize the surgery room when the doors open. She was even given a dose of pre-op anxiety meds but it didn’t seem to help.

After a successful surgery, Sophie had trouble keeping her oxygen levels up. It took several hours to get it at a level  safe for discharge.  But we made it. She’s happily slept in her own bed for a bit. Lil’ Sophie seems really sore, doesn’t want to play, and for once, is actually being cuddly. We are so thankful for a one day procedure. Seeing her sit up and even pull herself up to a standing position already are all signs of a smooth surgery. This evening we’ll give her a little medicine for the pain, but we’re hoping for a peaceful night.

Despite the oxygen issues this was the smoothest procedure she’s ever had. Thanks again for the prayers!


~ by Jenny Bagwill on April 18, 2012.

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