April 2012 – Sickly

I’m not including any pictures this time because the last post with the crocodile tears sums up our view for this weekend. We’ve had one sick girlie on our hands. 

Lil’ Sophie started running a fever on Saturday. We monitored her closely because any fever at 101 is an immediate admission to the hospital for a liver transplant child. The fear is that she could be going into rejection mode. Or with all the tubes in her body, she could be fighting an infection. We struggled with what to do knowing it was the weekend, with no access to her usual liver team, we would have to go to the ER. We’ve yet to have a great experience in the ER….any ER for that matter. Sophie’s medical history is so LONG and complicated that it causes lots of confusion for new people that come in contact with her.  

Thankfully, her fever broke by Sunday AM but she still won’t eat, drink, and everything makes her cry. I’ll be calling her liver team in the morning to let them know what’s happened. We’ll have to discuss if this will change the plan for her surgery. I have a feeling they’ll want her admitted so they can give her fluids and and make sure she is hydrated and healthy enough to continue with Weds plan. We want the best for her too & we’ll be relieved the weekend is over so we can consult with her team. 

Since she is no longer running a fever – rejection or infection is off the table.  It seems it was just a 24hr sick bug.  But Monday, we’ll let the experts make the decisions. Please pray she continues to recover. She’s been so miserable. You can tell she wants to play and eat, but when she tries, she gets frustrated and begins to cry all over again.  😦    So Sad.    I’ll update when I know what the liver team wants us to do. 

~ by Jenny Bagwill on April 15, 2012.

12 Responses to “April 2012 – Sickly”

  1. Sophie’s in my constant prayers. God bless – Lee

  2. Jennifer,
    this is your cousin Paula, i pray everything goes well with lil sophie!!!! my prayers to you and yor family!!

  3. I’ll continue to pray for your family Jenny. We need lil’ Sophie back to her normal self.

  4. Have been reading your posts, rejoicing with you. Glad I caught this one this morning. Prayers will continue throughout the week. A. Peg

  5. Sorry to hear about the rough weekend. I’m relieved to hear Sophie pulled out of the fever though. Good luck this week and know we’re all sending much love and kisses to Sophie and her family.

  6. Dear little Sophie plus Mom & Dad,
    Our prayers continue to follow you in both good and bad times. We just pray a little harder and more often during the bad times! I’ve no doubt that Sophie will soon get better and return to her sweet, happy self. Love from cousins, Judy & Pete

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