April 2012 – Happy Happy Happy

Bear Hugs! (This bear stayed at the store - but it was cute!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!

Yes, we’re behind. But we’ve been busy being so HAPPY that I haven’t updated. The truth is, not much is going on and we are thrilled about it. Lil’Sophie is doing great!  She’s walking, climbing, jabbering (once in a while I recognize words that are of great importance to her… Elmo, Baby, Bear, Apple, & Fry). Most of the time it’s gibberish. However, she’s continuing to prove that she’s learning through her actions. She can pick out letters, recognize numbers, and point to colors. So we are hopeful more verbal communication will follow shortly. And in normal 2yr old fashion she’s gravitated to the word “No” as a response to pretty much everything.

The hunt is on!

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter with her 1st egg hunt. I don’t really think she understood what was happening but she enjoyed being with the other kids. Since she’s spent most of these last 2 years away from other children she gets super excited when she sees kids running and playing. We recently started taking her to the park for her Physical Therapy. She LOVES it!  Her new favorite is the slide. Of course she’s going to pick the most dangerous playground equipment – continually giving her parents heart palpitations. But it’s so refreshing to see her doing normal kid things!

Speaking of heart palpitations, Lil’Sophie has a routine visit to the cardiologist on Thursday. They will check her replaced heart valve, and also her lungs. We are back on our 3 month routine, which means it’s time to revisit her bile duct problem and her cardiologist. Both will require a surgery in the next few weeks. We’ll keep you posted…. I PROMISE!!  🙂

Catch Me!

Swinging during Spring Break with my sister!

My sister teaches me how to feed the fish.


~ by Jenny Bagwill on April 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “April 2012 – Happy Happy Happy”

  1. YAHOO YAHOO YAHOO!!! It is awesome to see Sophie up & around & doing all those fun little girl things! She’s just having the time of her life isn’t she? I know it must be beyond joy for you and B … we will keep her in our prayers for the upcoming appointments! Blessings, Lee

  2. So great to hear about Sophie! Keep up the great work Mom & Dad…and of course Tessa! Can’t believe our first born’s are 14, Bryce! You’ve got your hands full AND you’re outnumbered! LOVE IT! Take care of all your little ladies, they have one helluva man in their life! Hugs to all!

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