January 2012 – A Blur

Christmas 2011

Sorry we haven’t updated until now. Our lives feel like they’ve been a blur since Thanksgiving. And this time its amazing to say it’s been a GREAT blur!
No hospitals, no doctors, no appointments…. Just a wonderful Christmas & New Year spent with friends and family! We are so thankful!

I'm starting to pretend! Feed the baby...

Having fun with new gifts.

Tessa has been with us during winter break, and Lil’Sophie absolutely loves spending time with her. Lots of new attempts at words have taken place because of Tessa’s positive influence on her. Sophie also has taken to eating a lot more solid foods during the holiday season – thanks to her grandparents!  Then  when it was time to end our break with Tessa – Sophie learned to climb the stairs as she was looking for her big sister who had left for the airport. Sophie still can’t walk on her own (although she’s incredibly close), but she can go up & down the stairs like a champ – Thanks Tessa!   😉

Sisters at Christmas 2011

We are so thankful each time we can have our whole family together. It was a wonderful time for all. We look forward to more new adventures in the upcoming year.

Thanks again for all the prayers!
We appreciate you all so much, and hope this new year blesses you abundantly!

~ by Jenny Bagwill on January 7, 2012.

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