December 2011 – Success!

Time for a Post-Op Bottle.

Hallelujah! We are doing a happy dance & praising God!
After several previous attempts the surgeons have successfully connected Lil’ Sophie’s bile duct to her bowels.

She now has a tube going into her body from her left side, running through the liver into the bowels, and then out her right side. Sounds a little freaky, but this tube will allow the surgeons access every 3 months to stretch out the new pathway they just created. These procedures could go on for years until enough scar tissue is built up to hold the bile duct walls open permanently.

The goal is to sync up with the already planned heart/lung surgeries we were told to expect about every 3 months as Lil’ Sophie grows. (Cardiology will need to dilate her narrowed veins in her lungs.) So both Cardiology & Liver are merging their efforts in joint surgical procedures in attempts to give Sophie a 3 month break between surgeries.

Of course, all that is down the road – but right now we are beaming that we finally made it through Step # 1. The surgeon said words we’ve never heard before: “everything went according to plan”.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the prayers and support. We’ve really felt it today!!

~ by Jenny Bagwill on December 6, 2011.

11 Responses to “December 2011 – Success!”

  1. Amazing outcome! Looks like lil Sophie is loving that bottle! 🙂

    • Yes, we are so happy!
      You should have seen the pic I caught of her in ‘full’ chaos mode as she came out of anesthesia super hungry! Pretty much the exact opposite of the innocence seen here….. I don’t blame her though. I would be the same.

  2. Oh Jenny that’s the best news ever.I am so happy for you all.What a great day.

    • Thanks Kerrigan! We are thrilled. It couldn’t have gone better. We may even be discharged as early as tomorrow. That never happens for us. As long as Sophie cooperates over night.

  3. PRAYER IS SO POWERFUL!!!! I’m just thrilled for all of you!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, we are sooo grateful! I don’t know why it had to take so long but I find myself trying not to question. God is in control, and He’s got her anatomy as part of a plan that’s much bigger than I can understand.

  4. Thanks be to God ! May continued blessings come your way !

  5. OOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOODNESS – what wonderful news!!! PTL for a successful procedure!!!

  6. I asked for God to show us His Glory, and what a way He chose to do so!!! I am doing the happy dance with you!!! A. Peg

  7. Hooray! Great news! And maybe home today? Look out for Super Sophie!

  8. WONDERFUL news. I was thrilled to hear it last night.
    Praise the Lord.

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