August 2011 – O2 Anyone?

Home Again, Home Again!! Yipee!!

After a week in the hospital, we’re home following the 4th unsuccessful attempt at fixing Lil’Sophie’s bile duct. Her nicked vein managed to heal on its own and her blood count miraculously shot up without a transfusion. She is doing well, taking her bottles, smiling, and playing hard.

Since this attempt involved tubes coming into her body from both sides of her abdomen she’s having a little trouble with her oxygen levels. If you stop, take a breath, and think about what your abdominal muscles are doing during that process – it doesn’t take much to realize why she’s having trouble with taking deep breaths when pain is coming from both sides of her body. A perfect O2 level is 100 (for those of you who may not know). Sophie typically hangs out at about 95, but since surgery she’s been averaging 88. Anything under 90 makes the medical professionals a bit uneasy. But because Sophie was playing so well, and had clearly bounced back from surgery we begged her specialists to please, let us go home. Sophie’s track record has proven that she really thrives once we leave the hospital. So her Dr’s said she could go home only if she was released on oxygen. We were thrilled with the decision, until we realized it was Saturday. Apparently medical supply facilities believe that sickness keeps banking hours. All I can say is “KUDOS” to all the St Louis Children Hospital staff that jumped through hoops for over 4 hours trying to line up our home oxygen supplies and discharge orders. They seriously had their worked cut out for them and we’d still be there if they hadn’t been so diligent.

Our new home decor

So we went home last evening and had a wonderful night. Within a couple of hours of being home, giddy Lil’Sophie was in full roll across the living room floor despite the tubes and hoses hanging off her small body. Home care delivered a HUGE  140 lb tank of liquid oxygen to our condo, and they positioned it on the main level by the stairs. Sophie is hooked up via a 50 foot hose that allows us to take her almost anywhere in the house as long as you mind the “mighty tail”. We have a monitor to use to check how much oxygen is in her bloodstream. We also had to put a sign in the window to let fireman know that there is liquid oxygen being used in our home. Crazy, considering she’s only on a little trickle (.50 liters).  We may open an Oxygen Spa for the neighbors. Those seem to be popular here in good ole’ St Louis. In all seriousness, we are hoping she’ll be off oxygen some time this week. It all comes down to O2 saturation levels in her blood.

Obviously, the bile duct is still an issue and we’ll address that in a future post. What we do know, is that we have a break for a few weeks as she heals. We are so grateful to God that He’s given Sophie such a spunky spirit. We’re reminded as she’s bounced back from these procedures, and becomes more playful and silly with each passing day.


~ by Jenny Bagwill on August 28, 2011.

8 Responses to “August 2011 – O2 Anyone?”

  1. So happy to hear that you are home again.Despite the O2.We know thats just another bump in the road.
    Rest well.Take care.

  2. Praise God for a good post on Sophie!! We prayed hard for her last night. Thankful for the happy picture too. We always use her picture in prayer to focus on and it always helps 🙂 Thinking of you and praying for continued blessings!!!


    • Lee, perfect visual. That’s exactly what she did. At night she would have herself so entangled while she was rolling around in her bed. She also seemed to like the sound it made as she slapped the plastic tubing against her bed. 🙂 Thankfully, her Cardiologist said we no longer need it right now, so she’s been tube free for a little while!

  4. Hi sophie, I pray for u and your recovery. I learned of u through your dad. He has informed me that you are getting better, your dad is a customer of mine. And he shared with me your condition. My wife and I pray for u and your mom and dad.

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