August 2011 – Temporarily Home

Just a quick update to let everyone know we’ve been sent home. Lil’ Sophie is feeling good and is back to acting like her normal playful self.

Her liver team is meeting tomorrow to go over a final plan of attack on her problem bile duct. They have some ideas and once thoroughly discussed by all, we will proceed with surgery August 23rd. Until then, we’ll get back to our normal home routines and wait. Sophie’s labs are showing that her new liver is still working well so once they get her bile duct draining properly we’re all hopeful she’ll be on the right track.

Unfortunately, the duct is not an easy fix and will take several procedures that could potentially take years to work through. We’re trying not to let the timeline discourage us. Instead we’re staying focused on the fact that her new liver is working great, her body is adjusting well to it, and she is more healthy today than she has been since she was born.
We continue to be thankful for all of you. Your encouragement, prayers, and support mean the world to us.


~ by Jenny Bagwill on August 11, 2011.

One Response to “August 2011 – Temporarily Home”

  1. That’s GREAT news … we’ll be praying the bile duct issue takes a miraculous turn. I’m so happy to hear she’s feeling good & enjoying life .. PTL!

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