June 2011 – Another Day Another Surgery

Someday I'll order from this kids menu!

We’ve been home officially for a week. Things have been going pretty well. Lil’Sophie has been taking her bottles great, smiling and playing lots. She has now learned to roll purposefully to get to objects that she wants to play with. She’ll even pick up small toys and hold them while she rolls across the room – all signs that she is getting much stronger.

On the downside, her bile duct continues to be troublesome and tomorrow we take her in for the 1st of several surgeries to correct it. During tomorrow’s procedure (Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiogram – PTC) they will put a drain in the duct, and also do a liver biopsy. Her labs are showing that her liver numbers are slowly rising, so the team needs to figure out if it’s completely related to the bile duct or if it could possibly be early signs of liver rejection.  The bile duct will require future surgeries involving a series of stents until the duct is working properly.

Her Broviac line suddenly stopped working once we got home as well. After several attempts to unclot it, the liver team may be removing it during tomorrow’s procedure. The issue becomes: should they put a new line in for all the blood draws she will still need, or should we avoid potential infections by leaving it out?  If she is having liver rejection, we’ll really need the Broviac. Anyway, several unsure situations as we go into tomorrow. But all still minor in the grand scheme of things.

~ by Jenny Bagwill on June 29, 2011.

5 Responses to “June 2011 – Another Day Another Surgery”

  1. Oh Jenny you guys have been through so much.It does seem like there is no end in sight for you.Praying that all goes well with her next surgeries.Praying that you and the Drs have the wisdom to make the right decisions for her care.We know that one day all of this will be a time of the past.
    She is looking so well in the pic.She is such a doll.Love to you all.

  2. Sophie looks beautiful in that photo. I’m sorry to hear she’ll be going in for more surgeries, but I hope she recovers nicely and continues to progress in her development. xox

  3. Such wonderful progress! Prayers will continue. Thanks for keeping us posted. A. Peg

  4. Praying praying praying … He is over all! Hugs to all, Lee

  5. I haven’t checked in for a while, and my goodness I’ve missed a lot! I’m so happy to hear that Lil Sophie has had her liver transplant and is doing (reasonably) well. I hope her bile duct procedure went well today.

    Ironically, today is the 1-year anniversary of my nephew’s open heart surgery (remember, that’s how you found my blog). He is doing amazingly well – looking at him run around now, you’d never know how sick he had been. I hope you get that for Sophie soon. 🙂

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