June 2011 – Happy 1 Month Anniversary!

Hey! Look what I can do!!

Tomorrow officially marks 1 month since Sophie’s liver transplant. We continually mark these exciting milestones not forgetting what that means to an incredible family that gave us the gift of life during their grief. We pray for them as they mark the 1 month anniversary of the passing of their loved one. We recognize that each of Sophie’s milestones would not be possible without their generosity.

Our 1 month anniversary milestone is fitting that it ‘should’ conclude with us being discharged home. So far, that’s the plan….and we are so thankful!! There are no words to express our gratitude. Sophie’s (half) sister is here to spend the summer with us. And we are all looking forward to being a family under one roof again!

We’ll have appointments twice a week at the hospital for labs and continued follow-up visits. This means Sophie will continue to have her Broviac line for a while so she won’t have to endure needle sticks with so many visits still ahead. She’ll also be going home with her NG feeding tube to give her an extra push of formula to meet her daily caloric intake. We finally landed on a routine that doesn’t involve her screaming with gas pains. And it should get easier as she gets a little bigger and her swollen liver relaxes giving more room for her stomach to expand. Today Sophie’s additional oxygen has been turned off. We’re hopeful that tomorrow we can remove her nasal cannula and she’ll be free to breathe like a normal girlie when we leave.

There is one issue on the horizon that we’ve known about since her transplant but the liver team is just monitoring. Sophie has a dilated bile duct and it’s showing itself in her weekly labs and a couple of ultrasounds. It’s nothing very concerning at the moment. Her surgeon continues to hope that once her liver swelling goes down the bile duct will also relax. However, if it doesn’t, we’ll have to come back for another procedure to work on it. But this is fairly minor compared to what she’s been through. We’ll cross that bridge when/if it’s necessary.

Right now we’re just happy we’ll be leaving with our girl alive and more healthy than she’s been since birth. Thank You God!!

~ by Jenny Bagwill on June 21, 2011.

12 Responses to “June 2011 – Happy 1 Month Anniversary!”

  1. She looks great! I love her precious smile! Continued prayers for you as you bring her home soon and enjoy your summer as a family together. 🙂

  2. She looks AMAZING. Glad she’s doing so well.

    Naturally, thinking of the donor family too.

    Can’t believe it’s been a month already.

  3. Wow a month already. I know you both had many long days and nights. Praise the Lord for bringing you to this point. We’re rejoicing with you and will continue to pray for her strength and recovery and your time as a family together. Hugs. Shelly : )

  4. Oh WOW. There are no words to describe what you all must be feeling right now.We are so happy for you.She looks amazing and so full of life.Enjoy the Summer together as a family.Hope the bile duct sorts itself out too.

  5. I’m sure it’s going to be both wonderful and a little scary to be going home soon. Everyone under the same roof for the summer would be a great gift while big sister is in town. She looks so good riding that toy.

  6. That sweet little smile … what a joy to see! You guys are amazing, too … we will pray for you all – including big Sis and hope you have a wonderful summer!! Big hugs, Lee

  7. Look at Scootin’ Sopie go! What a difference a month makes ♥

  8. That should have been Sophie, of course 😳

  9. I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said. Thank you dear Father for your healing touch, both in Sophie, and the family that is hurting. A. Peg

  10. I am so happy for you guys and Sophie. You all deserve a break and I hope everything continues to go well and she makes a full recovery and family life becomes normal for all of you. You have been through so much, you and Bryce have been very brave and I admire both of you more and more with each passing message. Also praying for the family that is healing they too are courageous and God will give them peace.

  11. I see her Mama in her… = )
    so happy ~ trying to keep from dancing…
    wait, why am I trying not to dance…?
    love you to bits,
    kiss that Bella for me

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