June 2011 – Moved!


We’ve moved to the floor!
And the above pic pretty much captures Lil’ Sophie’s lack of excitement for the change. She’s extremely sore even on low doses of pain meds and now Physical Therapy visits daily. So she’s being required to move a little more each day (which she understandably hates).
Sophie has kept her fever off for 3 days now and her liver labs look great. Everything seems to be moving in a positive direction. The staff have put in an NG tube in her nose which allows her to have a continuous slow run of formula each night. Then we give her whatever her tummy can tolerate by bottle each day. Her tummy is a bit sensitive right now so we have to take things fairly slow.
Part of her transplant meds include a steroid which is causing her face to balloon up. Some days we can hardly tell it’s our Lil’Sophie! Thankfully they are temporary and in a few months she will hopefully no longer need them.

All in all, things are really going well. We’ll be on the floor for at least a week, possibly 2. Whatever it takes to get her ready for an even bigger transition home.


~ by Jenny Bagwill on June 8, 2011.

7 Responses to “June 2011 – Moved!”

  1. She looks as lovely as always. Glad to hear she’s improving 🙂

  2. Congrats. We are so proud that she is making such good strides.Keeping you all in our prayers.

  3. Glad to here Sophie moved to the floor and getting stronger. Having the PT at the hospital will make her like me more when she gets home. I won’t seem so bad. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

    Karen, P.T.

  4. Answered prayer … God is so Good 🙂 Hugs to all, Lee

  5. glad to hear our little Bella continues to make great strides.
    my Jennibelle.
    not sure how to say this, without sounding odd…
    you make me a better Mom.
    it’s true.
    I think of you so often, and how difficult it must be for you to
    endure, watching your little one, not feeling well.
    you come to mind, when I get tired, or grumbly…
    when I didn’t feel like packing school lunches at 6:00 before
    heading to work…
    or when I really don’t feel like playing a board game, or going on a
    bike ride, or to the pool.
    I hear it.
    a voice….
    “…….I know you’re tired. … perhaps your vision isn’t quite clear.
    your friend Jennibelle is a very different kind of tired. and she would give anything
    to pack a lunch for her Sophie, or play games with her, or go swimming.
    I have blessed both of you with children, and it is both an honor and a privledge
    for the two of you, caring for my little ones.
    Jenny’s experience is different from yours right now.
    still special, still precious, but different.
    please remember, even tho you are tired, you are so blessed.
    and honor your friend by getting in the game, and “momming up”.

    and I listen.
    and I love you so.

    so very happy to hear she’s doing well.
    please kiss her for me,
    and be kind to yourself, too.
    you are so much stronger than I.
    thanks for the posts.
    big smooch,

  6. It is such good news to hear Sophie is doing good and moving towards being at home again. You are all in our prayers every day and throughout each day!

  7. I can’t imagine what she continues to go through but hangin there we will continue to lift her up in prayer. Our God is still a God of wonders. Be strong we are with you. Monique

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