June 2011 – PICU Blues

Yep, were still here. Lil’ Sophie has had a few recent bumps in the forms of fevers and respiratory distress. She’s been fighting a mysterious fever and has been put through the gamut as they have tested everything possible to locate the infection. Still nothing conclusive. They are hoping the broad spectrum antibiotics will eventually kill it off. We were told it would take longer to see an improvement in recovery of any type of sickness now that she’s on immunosuppressants for lifetime. (These are the meds that keep her body from attacking her new liver).
So the best thing is to wait patiently.

On a good note she was able to rid herself of the horrible BiPAP mask and has been weened down to a normal nasal cannula giving her just a trickle of oxygen. Once we get through the fevers we doubt she’ll need the extra oxygen. Her lungs have very SLOWLY shown a little improvement each day and Drs finally seem pleased from a respiratory stand point.

She’s been weened off everything that would keep her from moving out of the PICU. So we’re just waiting out the fevers barring any other obstacle that may want to jump in our way.


~ by Jenny Bagwill on June 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “June 2011 – PICU Blues”

  1. Thanks so much for the update.We have been praying everyday for her and you two.We wanted to e-mail you to find out how things were going but I have no address for you.I looked on here how to contact you but there was nothing.Glad that she is doing well with her breathing.Sorry about the fevers.You have a very special little girl.
    Thanks again for the updates.Love to you all.

    • I’ve now added an email button to the side bar of her page. This will send private emails directly to me. Thanks for bringing up that point. And thanks for continued prayers.

  2. I’m so glad she doesn’t have to wear that mask anymore – yahoo!! We’ll be praying the fever goes away & that she will be feeling better & better better!! We think of you & pray for you many times a day. God bless s& thank you for the updates – lee & family

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