May 2011 – Still in PICU

Well, Lil’Sophie must have gotten wind of the plans to move out of the PICU, and decided she liked it here enough to stay.
She’s having spells of desating and until she can maintain her oxygen levels no one is moving. The Drs have said that the closing procedure tends to be more painful than the original transplant, since closing makes her belly really tight. So pain management is attempting to find a new balance as she seems to have more episodes of pain than before the closing surgery.

She still spends most of her time sleeping but has started to have spells that continually remind us that our little fighter is still there. She’s so strong and during protests she reminds the staff by kicking her legs so hard she bounces down the bed. Her arms have been restrained and now she’s been slightly anchored down to keep herself in place.
Bryce and I both agree that even though it’s difficult to see her fight like that, it’s much more comforting to see the spunk than to see her motionless.
She’s had kind of a rough day but we’re hopeful that she’ll start feeling a tiny bit better with each passing day.


~ by Jenny Bagwill on May 26, 2011.

One Response to “May 2011 – Still in PICU”

  1. Sorry to hear she is not moving up but happy to hear she is still fighting.She is a strong little girl.Thanks again for the update.

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