May 2011 – Closing Time

Lil’ Sophie continues to do well. She went into surgery today to replace her damaged Broviac line. Her swelling was down enough that the surgeon was able to close her wound from the liver transplant.
He had originally told us that closure usually is a 2 surgery process. Because babies swell so much, they go in and close the wound half way during the 1st attempt. And then another surgery takes place a couple days later to finish the job.
But in Sophie’s case the surgeon was thrilled to see that the swelling had gone down so much that it was all done today. She did great during surgery and again was extubated immediately. Her lab levels are looking very good and her oxygen/respiratory stats are holding strong. However, she’s still on a trickle of oxygen. They also started her TPN (the nutrients we pump into her at home through the Broviac). So she should regain some of her strength back soon.

They believe we’ll be moved out of the PICU Thursday and onto the regular floor. There we look forward to holding her and giving her bottles. But for now she’s been peacefully sleeping – even through the chaos of tornado sirens and hail that was banging on her window as the storms raged through St Louis.

We are so grateful, so far so good. We can tell that your prayers are really helping. Thank you so much!!


~ by Jenny Bagwill on May 25, 2011.

5 Responses to “May 2011 – Closing Time”

  1. I think Grandma Bell was watching very closely as they stitched “our” Sophie up….making sure they did each stitch correctly!! Prayers continue. A. Peg

  2. Oh My Goodness.I am so happy that she is doing so well.Praying that she continues to have a great recovery.Thinking of you always.

  3. Wonderful news! Thank you for taking a few moments away from your precious baby girl to post an update 🙂

  4. What great great news! Thank you for the update Jenny … tell Bryce hi & we’ll be praying our hearts out for you all!!! Lee

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