May 2011 – Recovery Day 1


Lil’ Sophie has been having a good day. So far, her 7hr surgery results are pleasing the liver team. Evidence in her morning labs and an ultrasound of her liver show that her new portal vein and liver are functioning. As her surgeon put it, he’s pleased but it’s not time to start high-fiving each other. We know he’s right as we have a LONG way to go, however, Bryce and I DO believe it’s time to give thanks to God as He’s been working through her specialists to bring us this far.

Lil’ Sophie is continuing recovery in the PICU until Wednesday. She’s opened her eyes several times today but you can tell she’s clearly on a trip with Elmo in her head as she stares off. The pain management team visited several times today and have struck a good balance of allowing her to be slightly alert so she can cough and cry (all good things for her lungs), but keep her from writhing in pain. On Weds she will go back into surgery to close her belly and replace her Broviac line that cracked over night. (Her wound is currently open to monitor swelling and for quick access in case of emergency). Sophie’s estimated hospital recovery time is 2 weeks then she’ll be sent home to continue recovery. We have some really amazing pics from the OR during her surgery. We’ll eventually post those as time allows for those who are as curious as we were.

God is really doing amazing things here. Sophie was extubated immediately after surgery and looks great. She was already weened off one heart medication over night as she was doing so well without it. Her last set of labs have shown a slight increase in acid which is a red flag to watch her kidney function. It seems we’ll know more about that tomorrow, as many times the acid level works itself out. It will still be a long road ahead. But God is showing Himself every step of the way! We are so blessed that a family made a decision to donate during such a time of grieving. We have been praying for them right along with our own prayers for Sophie.


~ by Jenny Bagwill on May 23, 2011.

12 Responses to “May 2011 – Recovery Day 1”

  1. Her color is beautifully amazing! She is such a miracle! My 6 yr old and me continue to keep ALL involved in our Prayers and Prayer Book. God is wonderful! Please continue to keep us posted. I ck for your updates continusly thru the day and Emily keeps me updated as well. We love you all and many Prayers for ALL!!

    • Aww… That’s so sweet. Tell your little one that Sophie’s mommy says a special thank you for all the prayers, and that they are working!

  2. So glad to hear she’s doing well so far. 🙂

    • Thanks LauraJane! A special thank you for your ultimate sacrifice as I can not directly thank Sophie’s donor. You are amazing beyond words! God bless you.

  3. Thinking of you all as you go through this rough journey.She looks amazingly well for someone that just had surgery.her color looks good too.Thanks for taking the time to update us all.Love to your family.

  4. I am sooooo thankful, and have told God so many times today. Thanks for the updates. Prayers continue….A. Peg

  5. I have to say that each time I consider the sacrifice of Sophie’s donor family I can’t help but cry. I’m simply not sure if I could make such a selfless and courageous decision in the face of what I consider the greatest grief a parent could endure. Absolutey AMAZING grace!

  6. Praying – Praying – Praying!!!! Please keep us posted as to how lil Sophie is doiing. Love you in the Lord!!!

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