May 2011 – The Call

We got “the call” for Sophie’s liver. We’re at the hospital waiting. We’ve been told that there could be false starts. So we’re hoping for the real thing. We’re praying for the family that is currently grieving the loss of their precious little one. Please keep them in your prayers as you pray for us. We’ll update as the situation allows.



~ by Jenny Bagwill on May 21, 2011.

9 Responses to “May 2011 – The Call”

  1. God bless you all, and the family that made this decision. We are praying in CO, and have a California prayer going up for you as well. We love you! A. Peg

  2. Praying all goes smoothly.

  3. OH MY GOSH – – I do pray this is it !!!! Just last night I prayed for the family who would eventually be losing a child … God is waiting to hold him/her as they enter His Kingdom so I hope that brings the family some comfort. We’ll be thinking of you all … Good luck & God Bless, Lee

  4. Sending you so much hope that “this one” is the one for Sophie.

  5. I wanted to add, that the family of the little baby who is donating the liver is very much hoping Sophie is a match too.

    I remember waiting to hear back as to the “needed” organs from our Jack’s donation, and being thrilled to hear he’d be a match to donate at all. We wanted as many organs donated as possible, but in the end his liver was the only one needed. I truly hope “this one” is it for your sweet girl. 🙂

  6. Prayers are going up for Sophie and family! I know the feeling and pain you are going through. Stay strong and know there is an Angel in heaven name Josh who is watching over your special baby girl! My 6 yr old daughter has a Prayer Book and Sophie and all involved will be added tonight!!! We love you!!
    Emily T nieghbor and friends!

    JOSHUA 1:9

  7. I have chills — I reread this post so many times to be sure I had it right!!! Praying for you all with all our might.

  8. My thoughts an prayers are with you all. Sophie is such a special little girl. We will all learn from your courage! Blessings, karen

  9. I;m praying for lil sophie and for you and your husband!!

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