February 2011 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to ALL of YOU!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! You’ve shown Lil’ Sophie such love, prayers, encouragement, and support. And we appreciate it so much!

It’s been a month since we started the TPN treatments, and it’s still a little early to tell how things are going. However, Sophie has FINALLY made 10lbs which we’ve been battling to achieve since birth. So we’ll thank God as we bask in that milestone. The Drs have recently increased her caloric intake through the TPN, so we’ll know more in the next month or so. It’s still a waiting game at the moment as to what will happen next.

Lil’ Sophie’s handling the treatments pretty well. She seems stronger, feeling good, and in a much more smiley and playful mood these days. She’s also finally sleeping through the night, in which we ALL benefit. The downside is Sophie must be connected to her pump for 15hrs each night. So it takes a little planning on our part to make sure she’s connected and disconnected on schedule to accommodate appointments, doctor’s visits, and even just visiting family or going to the grocery store. She’s also developed a new aversion to foods that she would normally eat causing her to easily gag and vomit. We continue to try reintroducing foods daily so she won’t forget how to eat by mouth. But as you can imagine this can be extremely exhausting and results in a lot of extra clean up. So this is definitely something that we can use a little prayer and encouragement with as we patiently work through this. Thankfully Sophie LOVES her bottles and this week she’s learned how to hold them on her own as well as take water out of a sippy cup. In our household, these trivial things are highly revered by us.

Lil’ Sophie has an in-home visit from a Physical Therapist and Speech Therapist once a week. Since all of her medical issues have put her behind on being mobile and having a desire to communicate, they each spend an hour working with her. Sophie has a way to go before she’ll get to her 12 month physical/verbal milestones, but they are also teaching us skills to use with Sophie throughout the week.

We’ve also finally rejoiced in hearing our first soft giggles from her as we play “Get the Puppy”!

Our poor dog….

Lil’ Sophie giggles

– Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Dr says my line still looks good!

See, I can hold it Mommy!


~ by Jenny Bagwill on February 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “February 2011 – Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Hey. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments. Sophie is so cute and I will definately be praying for her, your family as you adjust to new ways of life, and the situation. She’s beautiful and such a blessing! 🙂 Much love!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to Lil’ Sophie and family. She’s making progress, slow and steady but making progress. Its even good news to hear that she loves her bottle and now she can hold it herself…way cool.

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