November 2010 – OHS Home Recovery

Big Smiles!

Lil’ Sophie has been recovering very well from her open heart surgery. Her follow-up appointments have indicated that her heart is close to 100% (it won’t ever be perfect). The Cardiologist is very pleased. Sophie’s incision looks good too. It’s healing quite nicely. We no longer have Betadine and bandage changes. And she is back to having a normal baby bath (instead of sponge baths). The only downside at this point is her chest bone is fusing itself back together with a slight point in the center of her chest. But we we’re told that it happens from time to time. It’s only noticeable when she’s unclothed and as she grows it might be less prominent over time. It’s a minor thing to deal with in the grand scheme of her recovery.

During her home recovery, Lil’ Sophie developed a double ear infection. This was discovered during her 10 month baby check up, as she didn’t show us any signs of being sick before-hand except for a little whininess. We assumed she was having a little discomfort from her surgery. A tiny bit of baby Tylenol and she was content. So we were very surprised to find out she was actually dealing with an ear infection in both ears. However there is some relief in actually dealing with ‘normal’ baby issues for once.
The antibiotics have kicked in and we’ve finally seen our first big smile since the surgery.

Since things are great with her heart, the next item up will be her liver. Letting some time pass will not only aid in her recovery but will allow us to see how her liver responds to these new blood flow changes.

So now we wait.…


~ by Jenny Bagwill on December 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “November 2010 – OHS Home Recovery”

  1. That is wonderful news.Happy that she is getting over her ear infections.

  2. Thanks so much for the update! We continue to pray for all of you.

  3. Get Well, little sweet one!!! Keeping you in my prayers.

  4. I’ve been watching for an update and am glad to hear that she’s doing so well. It’s amazing how these little babies can recover so well, isn’t it? My nephew had open heart surgery at three months old, and now you’d never know there was ever anything wrong with him.

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