October 2010 – Happy Hallowhospital

Dr Sophia is in…….
the hospital.
Yes, we’re still here. Drs are perplexed by her temperature that keeps going up when we remove her from the Tylenol. So far she hasn’t needed anymore antibiotics. But she’s being quarantined because they think she may have contracted a common cold. The nurses have to basically wear hazmat suits when they come in so they don’t spread the germs to other kids. As if Sophie wasn’t scared enough of the medical staff – throw in protective garb and a few crazy Halloween costumes and Lil’ Sophie’s seen it all. I’d like to say we’ll be home tomorrow, but now I’ll just say we’ll be home when we get there. Happy Halloween to everyone. Be safe!


~ by Jenny Bagwill on October 31, 2010.

6 Responses to “October 2010 – Happy Hallowhospital”

  1. They have orange stethescopes for Halloween? 😮 Prayers continue…..for all of you. A. Peg

  2. This picture is sooooo sweeet!!!! stay strong lil sophie, my prayer is that u can come soon!!!!

  3. We are remaining steadfast in our prayer be be strong. Though times don’t last but though people do. She is just precious you know. hugs Sophie

  4. I sure hope Sophie gets to go home soon! Just being in her own bed without all the ‘scary people in suits’ will help her to heal all the faster! Hugs to all – Lee

  5. She looks so cute in this photo. And looks great even for hospital recovery.

  6. […] and I are reminded how far God has brought us, as we look back at last years Halloween pic taken in the hospital. We can’t express enough gratitude as we look forward to our […]

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