October 2010 – Detained

Sleeping Peacefully

Well, we thought we were going home today…..

Lil’ Sophie no longer has spiking ammonia levels or high fevers. They have narrowed down the infection to a contaminant in the test. But she was clearly fighting something. She’s been on strong antibiotics for 48 hours. So the team has decided to remove her from the meds (to save her body against the immunity that she could develop from being on them), and take out the line that they have been using to draw blood and give meds just in case it is contaminated. But the team is staying on the cautious side. And even though she’s on the up swing of whatever she was fighting off, they want to keep her for one more night of observation. So as it stands it looks like we’ve been detained for one more night, and we’ll be counting the hours until morning.


~ by Jenny Bagwill on October 30, 2010.

One Response to “October 2010 – Detained”

  1. Jenny & Bryce – you are all in our prayers. Sophie’s been thru so much but all she knows is your constant love and attention – and knows that you are always there w/her. She’s a very blessed little girl! God is Good and we know that He is always with you too and providing the strength & courage & trust to keep on keeping on! God Bless you both and of course precious little Sophie!

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