October 2010 – Scare with Sophie

Earlier today I put a call out to Facebook for prayers. Here is an update regarding Lil’ Sophie.

Thanks for your earnest prayers.
It’s taken a little bit for the whole team to assess Sophie’s bleeding, but her specialists think that she’s doing fine. All her labs are coming back good. Everything they could check without invasive procedures have been checked. At this time they feel like the blood that showed itself was actually left from the surgery last Friday.

To be quite honest we won’t know for sure until we see more diapers. Sophie seems more uncomfortable today and has had to go back on morphine to manage her pain. Her belly is also accumulating fluid at an aggressive rate. So our plans to go to a normal room today have ceased. We are still in CICU.

I will share with you another story regarding Gods presence with us.
(I’ve already shared a couple – with some of you).

I had looked at Sophie and felt her forehead. She felt hot and looked a bit distressed. I walked into the hall to call for her nurse to do a temp check. I walked back in, to Bryce revealing the diaper we’ve feared for 10 months.

In the past, we had always been told that if we ever found a diaper like the one he was holding Sophie would need to be rushed to the ER. And in the 10 minutes it would take to get her to our closest hospital – they told us it would probably be too late.

And there we stood with “the diaper”. I turned to the nurse and told her she needed to get a Dr in our room immediately. She rushed out the door.

Not even 30 seconds later, Sophie’s GI specialist walked in. She had no idea about the diaper – she just “happened” to be checking in on her way out of the hospital. She was the first on the scene and started giving orders of tests that needed to be done right away.

This is an incredibly significant God moment, because you need to understand, Sophie is not on the GI floor. We are on the Heart floor since she had heart surgery. But because her GI specialist “happened” to walk into the room first, she was giving the heart doctors orders on how to handle this GI issue. If she hadn’t been there it would have taken needless testing and hours to sort all this out since this was not their area of expertise.

As always, God is in control and has choreographed the right people in the right place at the right time – before we even fathomed that it was necessary.
Thank you God. And thank you for all your prayers.

We’ll know more on Wed. But as far as everyone is concerned Sophie is doing fine. We’ll let you know if we are told otherwise.
J & B & lil’ S


~ by Jenny Bagwill on October 26, 2010.

One Response to “October 2010 – Scare with Sophie”

  1. My goodness – I’m so glad to hear the doc was there even before you knew you needed her. We are praying and God is listening! He is Good !!! God bless & thanks for the updates! Lee

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