October 2010 – OHS

Thanks for your prayers everyone!

Lil’ Sophie has made it out if surgery and is recovering in the CICU. The surgeon believes that the valve replacement is successful.
Thank you God! Miracle #1.

They also were able to close her chest right away and not leave it open as originally thought.
Thank you God! Miracle #2

We additionally received a phone call from Genetics today. Sophie’s test results came back. They are 90% positive that Sophie does NOT have Algielles or Noonans syndrome.
Thank you God! Miracle #3.

Please keep us in mind as Sophie is in recovery. She is highly agitated and they are having a hard time keeping her sedated. This is making all of her levels fluctuate to dangerous ranges. The morphine wasn’t working so they’ve switched to a continuous drip of fentanyl.
I’m so proud of my little fighter – but this is a time for her to calm down and sleep so they can pull her off the ventilator.
Please pray for her to sleep peacefully and her stats to level off.


~ by Jenny Bagwill on October 22, 2010.

15 Responses to “October 2010 – OHS”

  1. Praise the lord

  2. Thank you Jesus!! You have all been in our prayers. We will pray for peace and rest this evening. Love ya all.

  3. We are very happy that all went well for Sophie.Our prayers are with you all.We hope she has a good recovery.I wont say speedy cause I know how things can go.Our heart babies have there own way of recovering from these things.

  4. So happy to read that she did so well. You know she’s a fighter when she can fight over the morphine. Praying she is able to get some rest tonight.

  5. So glad to hear that the surgery went well! I am sending prayers and positive energy to all three of you.

  6. We are rejoicing at the news of miracles!! Prayers will be that you all will get some rest and recovery time. Simmer down now, Sophie!! A. Peg

  7. This is the best possible news. Will continue to pray for all of you.

  8. I’m thrilled to learn that her surgery went well. Here’s hoping for a great recovery!

  9. Praise God!

  10. I dont know you but m a friend of Aunt cindy’s. Am praying for you and rejoicing that she made it out of surgery. Her pictures are precious!

  11. GO GOD!!!!!!!!

  12. Way to go Sophie! Keep fightin’ the good fight!

    Mom – keep an eye on the narcotics as one side effect can be depressed respiration. Sophie needs to b r e a t h e 🙂

  13. Great news Jenny & Bryce!

  14. Such wonderful news Jenny – keep it up Lil Sophie. xxx

  15. What a wonderful answer to prayer. We will keep praying.

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