October 2010 – Not a Normal Day

Sophie is no longer going home today as her specialist and I expected. Today a few discrepancies presented themselves between staff & departments regarding how many doses of meds Sophie would be getting & how long it would take to complete them.
One group of staff even thought we were staying all week up until the heart surgery.
I started questioning their procedures yesterday (a couple of times). But was reassured that they were just doing things differently this time around.

By mid afternoon it was becoming obvious to me that several people were on different pages. After expressing my frustration in their inadequate communication with each other, the staff paged Sophie’s specialist. Sophie’s specialist met with me and then corralled the staff back on the correct page (the one I was on since Monday).

So now things seem to be set straight. It’s just a shame that it takes me being a stern advocate and ruffling a few feathers before people will listen.

Anyway, now we think we’ll be going home tomorrow. Guess we’ll see what the night staff brings. Sophie has been whiney beyond belief. So we’re counting the minutes until we can leave.

Just think, this admission was for the easy procedures. Lord help us!


~ by Jenny Bagwill on October 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “October 2010 – Not a Normal Day”

  1. You know how every person that walks into the room asks you for a complete explanation of why she’s there and what’s going on? Don’t feel bad if you respond in kind, my friend. Go ahead and ask each one what they know of her care plan. Hugs and love for the day you have had.

  2. Everyone needs an advocate. Sophie is lucky to have such great parents. I’m thinking of you all often and wishing for the best.

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