June 2010 – Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day!

This month has actually been pretty good for Lil’ Sophie. Of course there have been several lab visits and doctor visits. But all in all it’s been manageable. The team of doctors are trying to regroup and plan the next step. In the mean time, we’re enjoying our attempt at being a ‘normal’ family.

My husband’s 12yr old daughter is with us for the summer. It’s going very well considering this is the first time she’s spent this much time with Sophie. She’s really stepped up into the big sister role – offering to make bottles, grab dropped burp cloths, and entertaining Lil’ Sophie.

The girls were able to give their dad the above pic for Father’s day. I also threw in a couple of Mac items to support his obsession of all things Apple.

Future iPhone user in her HUGE bib

iBaby Onsie


~ by Jenny Bagwill on June 22, 2010.

One Response to “June 2010 – Happy Father’s Day”

  1. what a fabulous pic for Father’s Day. I have no doubt it is very dear to their Dad. 🙂

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