May 2010 – Mother’s Day & Chopped Liver

Happy Mother's Day!

Sophie’s mother’s day present took place a few days prior when she ripped out her feeding tube. It was alarming at first to see this spaghetti string swinging around but her mood changed so drastically. Suddenly, the irritable, screaming baby had transformed into a smiling happy little one.
So I’ll take it.

It’s taken 2 attempts but Sophie’s liver specialists were finally able to get a biopsy.
Attempt number 1 consisted of putting Sophie under anesthesia, doing an ECHO, and pin pointing where they could safely insert a needle into her belly. They would use the needle to draw out tissue samples of her liver.

Of course, nothing is easy!
After only 20 minutes the specialists came out to tell us they stopped the procedure. While they were doing the echocardiogram they saw that Lil’ Sophie’s colon had floated up in all the fluid. The surgeons could not get a needle inserted into her liver safely without puncturing her shifted organs. After recovery, we were sent home with a return date of 2 weeks to try again.

Attempt number 2 involved cutting into Lil’ Sophie’s liver for the samples. This time they were successful! Hooray!! At least that’s how we felt until they told us the results. It seems that the liver team working with Sophie was hoping that her liver would present itself as one in need of a transplant. This would fix a couple of issues (new liver, new portal vein). But Sophie’s liver isn’t showing signs of failure that would make her a candidate for a transplant. When they got a closer look, her liver looked abnormal but they couldn’t explain why. Her liver is NOT functioning well enough to allow her to grow. She’s 6 months old and has barely made 9 lbs! But it IS functioning, at least partially. They seemed disappointed by this.
Confused? So are we!

Next up….they’ve now shifted their focus on her heart thinking this may be the reason for the continual fluid back up (ascites).

1st War Wound - Liver Biopsy


~ by Jenny Bagwill on May 22, 2010.

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