March 2010 – When things went BAD!

Photo taken in St John's ER

We noticed over a 4 day period that Lil’ Sophie’s tummy was getting rather large. I had the pediatrician look at her, thinking she would send me home and tell me Sophie was having gas issues. Instead, she alarmingly sent me to St John’s Emergency room to have x-rays done immediately. She knew we were dealing with something other than gas.

After 5 hours in the ER and several x-rays the doctor sent us home with a diagnosis of colic. He said her x-rays were UNREMARKABLE. I was told “Babies cry…you need to get used to it.”

5 days later Sophie was on life support. During her week stay in ICU, we learned that she did NOT have colic, but rather a RARE birth defect. Sophie had absence of the portal vein. This means that she was missing one of the primary veins that goes from her heart to her liver. Because she was born without this passage way, her blood flow is backing up into her belly. Her x-rays show her internal organs floating around in fluid. We found that pretty REMARKABLE!

We were told Sophie would probably need surgery to correct her internal issues, but she was too small. So we were sent home with a myriad of medications to administer. This included shots that we had to learn to give her ourselves twice a day. The doctors believed she had suffered from a blood clot (that had clotted off the portal vein) so we had to shoot her with blood thinners daily. This was the plan for the next 3 months. Bryce and I took turns, sticking a needle into our little baby so that neither one of us would have to carry the burden alone.

Life had become really hard.

Life Support


~ by Jenny Bagwill on March 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “March 2010 – When things went BAD!”

  1. Jenny, I just found your blog and have been reading. This post in particular infuriated me re the dr. who dismissively sent you home. I am not a mother so I cannot even begin to comprehend what you and your husband are going through, much less poor little Sophie. I’ve said it before, but my prayers are with you all.

    • Thanks Mary! Sometimes I can’t believe it myself. I think of those Dr’s often as we continually deal with Sophie’s issues. I’m just so grateful that we’ve moved on, and have learned so much more about what’s happening in her body with a great team of professionals. Thanks for the continued prayers!

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